4 Myths that Surround Desert Safari in UAE

Desert safari is certainly on the top list of many globe hoppers. However, there are some myths that I hear people believing over and over again. So, today, I thought I could burst the bubble and provide people with some authentic information about desert safari in UAE.

Myth #1: If a Car Gets Stuck in Sand, it’s Horrible

Well, while we do agree that driving in sand is no joke and cars often get stuck in the sand, it is not a big deal. Yes, you heard that right. The drivers who will take you dune bashing or around the desert are highly skilled and undergo extensive draining. They know how to drive and get their car out of the sand. They usually have years and years of experience so stop worrying and start focus on the joy that accompanies desert safari UAE.

Myth #2: My camel ride was very small, didn’t appreciate it at all.

Well, this is one of the most common complaints of the people and such comments are often seen on various sites. However, I would like to address that the service providers do not do this on purpose. Unfortunately, the eyesight of a camel is very similar to that of a human. So, if you are on an evening desert safari Dubai, your ride will be small as the camels on the longer rides can freak out easily which can, in turn, be a danger for the rider. A solution to the problem is booking a camel safari. Get more info about it here.

Myth #3: Without Dune Bashing, the desert safari UAE is useless.

Well, this statement makes people second guess their choices of going on a safari in the first place, especially those who easily get sick. However, it’s simply not the case. Even if you frightened of the dune bashing or fear getting sick, you can simply drop it from the list of activities you are going to do on a safari. There are plenty of other activities as well.

Myth #4: There will be lots of animals on the desert safari UAE

Well, I am sorry to break your bubble but chances are, you won’t see any animals except for camels on the trip. Why is this so? Because most animals cannot survive in deserts. The climate is extremely hot and dry and there is no water for miles and miles. Hence, the only animal you’ll see plenty of are camels.

Hope you a very lovely desert safari UAE experience.

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